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Bodine Mfg. General Product Guidelines

Common Sense is the key!

Always use certified personnel...
  • Only highly trained and experienced certified heavy equipment mechanics, welders and operators are qualified to install, maintain and use our products.
  • Inspect the product prior to assembly to confirm that it is complete and free of defects.
  • After reading and understanding any information provided by the manufacturer, qualified personnel can proceed with the installation of our product (observe all appropriate safety precautions required by industry experts or governing regulatory bodies).
  • If any difficulty is experienced while installing, maintaining or using our products, immediately stop and seek the assistance from the manufacturer and the appropriate qualified technician/s in your industry.

General Installation & Maintanance Tips
  • Always place the product on a work-suitable, stabilized surface, working safely, prior to its installation or removal to prevent any risk of bodily injury.
  • Lubricate your product at all the grease fitting locations prior to using any newly purchased product. Apply grease to zerks until excess seepage appears visually around external areas.
  • Visually inspect your product before daily use for weld cracking, missing tine tips or any loose parts, pins or bolts, etc...
  • If general maintenance is required, do so immediately, do not continue to operate your equipment.
  • Do not operate a damaged product or a product requiring general maintenance....Major structural damages could occur.
  • Do not attempt to alter the physical or mechanical structure of any product. This could cause damage to the product, injury to personnel, or void the warranty claim.
  • Grease your product every four to eight hours depending on the amount of usage.
  • Always check all connecting pins, collars and fasteners to ensure that they are in-tact and secure proir to using the product.
  • To install or remove pins that are held in place with inserts, always loosen every fastener on all of the inserts to allow the pin to float while you are driving the pin in or out, after reinstallation, retorque the fasteners as required. Remember to lubricate all inserts and pin surfaces prior to assembly.
  • Use a pin the same or smaller in diameter to drive out product pins, do not hammer directly on the end of the pin so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the pins and bearings.
  • Install mounting plates or hydraulic cylinders according to any information supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Check installation to insure all linkages and hydraulic cylinders are properly aligned and can operate without any binding or hyper-extension, etc...

Safe Operation Tips
  • Only use the power supplied by the hydraulic circuitry to operate such product attachments.
  • Do not over-exert force (that of the weight exceeding the weight of the hosting machinery.) to pry, twist or hammer any of our products; premature wear and tear damaging will occur, voiding your warranty claim.
  • Do not use our attachment equipment to leverage the hosting machinery on or off of trailers, etc...
  • Do not use our attachment equipment to twist or pry the hosting machinery from frost or mud entrapment, etc...
  • Do not use our attachment equipment as a wrecking ball.
Remember...Common Sense is the key!

........If you are experiencing premature wear & tear damages, it is likely that you are doing something you should not be...stop, get some professional advice before proceeding.

........Bodine products are built with the bast, most appropriate quality materials for the intended application of the tool, and are desinged to give you many years of service when properly used and maintained.

........Many of the attachments we have built more than ten years ago are still in service to date and are being used by professionals who have the knowledge and understanding of how to prevent avoidable costs; indicating that common sense proceedures have proven to be the most cost-effective means of achieving the best end results.

........We strongly rely on feedback through our qualified dealers and customersto improve on our knowledge base with respect to proper installation, maintanence and the safe and effective operation of our products. We are pleased to share this information with you.

If we can be of further assistance, please give us a call.

Bodine Technical Dept. Ext. #23

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